Working as a mall elf is Chloe Mitchell’s worst nightmare, but when her best friend calls in a favor, she’s forced to face her Claustrophobia—of the Santa variety—head on.

Unbeknownst to her, Santa Claus has her in his sights, and he’s determined to make sure she finally has the happy holidays he believes she deserves.

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From Chapter One…

Strings of lights dangled from the mall’s skylight, twinkling overhead and heralding in the holidays. The Thanksgiving turkeys hadn’t even been given time to cool before the mall transformed into a winter wonderland for the herds of children joining their parents for frenzied Black Friday shopping.

What sort of idiot thought opening the yearly sessions with Santa on Black Friday, the busiest damned day of the bloody year, was a good idea? What I truly didn’t understand was how Kristine had roped me into taking her place as a red and white clad ‘elf’ decked out for a night on the town. She’d obviously taken advantage of the holidays; the legal firm where I worked had an extra day off, something I hadn’t seen happen since I’d been hired.

Had I been thinking straight, I would’ve told Kristine she’d lost her damned mind and stayed home.