Shadowed Flame: A Witch & Wolf Standalone Novel

Matia Evans has it all, except for one thing: she can’t see color. With an adopted family who loves her, a company she helps her father run, and more prospects than she knows what to do with, she’s in no place to complain that her world is limited to shades of gray, black, and white.

Her inability to perceive color isn’t the only strange thing about her: all souls have shadows, and she can see them. Unfortunately, there are humans who are worse than monsters. Worse, there are real monsters in the world, and they view humans as prey or as mates.

If Matia doesn’t want to become a victim, a pawn, or a trophy bride of the supernatural, she must use every bit of her strength and cunning. Her freedom and survival depend on embracing the darkest parts of her soul, but if she does, she risks becoming the newest—and most dangerous—monster of all.

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From Chapter One

For the third time since arriving at work two hours ago, Dad tripped over his own feet and smacked face first into the carpet. The thump of him hitting the floor drowned out my sigh. I debated whether to get up and help him or stay at my desk and observe his efforts to restore his dignity.

If my grandmother had been wise, she would have named him Hannah as a good luck charm against his clumsy nature. Instead, I was saddled with it as my middle name, a ward against harm and a wish to prevent the Evans family curse from striking me.

In my opinion, I was far from graceful, but I had managed to avoid my father’s clumsy fate. It made sense to me, although those who didn’t know us well marveled at the fact I could walk in a straight line. If they found out I could cartwheel on a balance beam, they’d probably faint from shock.