Silver Bullet: Witch & Wolf 4

Nothing was worse than waking up as a squirrel. Not knowing where she is, why she’s a squirrel, and why she should be in Georgia comes a close second.Vicky does know several important things. First, she’s not supposed to be a squirrel. Second, two-legger males are intriguing creatures. Third, she likes one particular two-legger male more than the others, and she means to keep him.

Finding her true self is only the beginning. Vicky must hunt those who have taken her friends and ruined her hopes for the future so she can reclaim what is rightfully hers.

Finished with being a victim, Vicky will do everything in her power to put an end to Basin once and for all, even if it means she must make the ultimate sacrifice and bite a silver bullet for the sake of her family, her friends, and the rest of the supernatural world.

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From Chapter One

I missed Samantha. Samantha would’ve known what to do, what was going on, and why I was stuck in a tree.

She also would’ve known why I was a squirrel.

She had known a lot of things. There were only four things I knew for certain: my name was Vicky, I missed Samantha, I was supposed to be in Georgia, and I wasn’t supposed to be a squirrel.

I couldn’t remember the details, but with sickening certainty, I understood Samantha was gone and wouldn’t be coming back. The brand of her loss cut deep and left scars time hadn’t healed.

Digging my tiny little claws into the tree branch for a better hold, I chittered curses at the world.

A squirrel, a real one, stared at me before scampering down the tree and taking off through the forest. I found its fear of me amusing. Shaking my head, I struggled to focus my attention on the facts.

My name was Vicky, and I wasn’t supposed to be a squirrel.