Wolf Hunt: Wolf Hunt #1

What should have been a preliminary scouting job for a future art heist turns into Declan McGrady’s worst nightmare when he discovers the gallery’s owner has exotic—and live—tastes.

Breaking a group of werewolf women out of a hostage situation is above his pay grade, but he’s left with no choice.

Worse, what he doesn’t know might kill him—and dump him back into the world of black ops at the cost of his freedom or his life.

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I’d sold my dignity for half a million dollars, and I regretted it.

At least I’d been smart enough to insist my client pay in advance for the preparations required to storm the castle, including the arrangements for the yacht and its captain, and I believed the captain had ulterior motives.

Benjamin Scully’s offers to handle all of my transportation to and from his property stirred my suspicions. Unfortunately, old habits died hard, and I refused to drop my guard, aware anyone might be an enemy waiting to backstab me.

Scully’s castle perched on a cliff somewhere along the coast of France but belonged in Transylvania. All I needed to creep me right out of my skin was a good shake of thunder and a flash of lightning.

Fortunately for me, the skies were clear, the day was young, and the ocean was calm.