Wild Wolf: Wolf Hunt #2

Two cats, four fish, and a human are holding this book description hostage.

This title has not released yet, but never fear! The intrepid Furred & Finned Management is working hard to wrangle the human to ensure the next installment of the Wolf Hunt Trilogy comes your way sometime in the near(ish) future.

(We’re expecting late 2019, but dates are currently hovering in space waiting to be retrieved by the human, as NASA is currently busy doing cool space science stuff.)

As soon as a snippet is available, it will go here.

In the meantime, the Furred & Finned Management would like to tell you a joke:

What do you get when the human whines?

Spaced. The human gets shot into space.

Don’t be like the human.

The Furred & Finned Management would like to state, for the record, that no promises of a good joke were given.